Major update of Democracy for Sale

13 February 2023 Another year, another release of data that highlights the mountains of dodgy money changing hands, from corporations to the major parties to fund their campaigns. For more than two decades, the Greens have been undertaking the mammoth task of translating the raw data from the AEC transparency […]

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Fossil Fuel Giants

Over the last decade, Fossil Fuel giants donated over $13.7 million to the Labor and Liberal/National parties. Over the last decade the major parties took over $13.7 million from the coal, oil and gas industry Table: donations made from companies associated with fossil fuels made to the Labor and Liberal/National […]

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The Big Four Accounting Firms

The powerful ‘Big Four’ accounting firms are at the centre of the privatisation of our public service, receiving $1.9 billion in government contracts after handing $2.9 million in donations to the Liberal and Labor parties over the past five years. The ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young […]

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Salary Sacrifice Industry

The Salary Sacrifice Industry went from never making a political donation, to making six-figure payments every year to the major parties in order to stop the revival of a short-lived policy that threatened their business model. In the lead up to the 2013 election, during the brief period when Kevin […]

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$263,000 of donations to the Liberal Party on the eve of their election in 2013, delivered a private company $14.6m in taxpayer funding from the carbon price grant program, after the Abbott Government had closed down that program. Brickworks is a brick manufacturer which is an energy-intensive business. They campaigned […]

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Reported donations to reach $1 billion in 2015-16

The Greens’ Democracy for Sale project has completed an overhaul of their donations data search engine, available at DemocracyforSale.net, and published analysis on all payments made to political parties since 1998. They say the grand total of reported payments made to political parties since 1998 will reach $1 billion in […]

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Four Corners covers Democracy for Sale

Recently Four Corners exposed the murky world of political donations, with stunning admissions from senior party officials and politicians. It aired exclusive research by the Democracy for Sale project which revealed about $8 million in donations since 2010 has not been declared as such by the major parties. View the full episode […]