Dirty Donations damage democracy

Both the major parties accept huge sums of money from these industries, and their policies show it.

Fossil Fuel Industry

Developers and Property Industry

Banking and Finance Industry

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Gambling - Tobacco - Alcohol

Defence Industry

Corporate influence in every corner

Some of Australia’s most powerful corporations regularly donate big bikkies to the major parties. In return they get a seat at the table. 

Banking and Finance Industry Banking and Finance Industry86,510,41186.5Banking and Finance Industry ($86.5M)
Developers and Property Industry Developers and Property Industry34,540,75034.5Developers and Property Industry ($34.5M)
Energy and Resource Companies Energy and Resource Companies23,664,32623.7Energy and Resource Companies ($23.7M)
Consultancies and Law Firms Consultancies and Law Firms20,294,18820.3Consultancies and Law Firms ($20.3M)
Gambling - Tobacco - Alcohol Gambling - Tobacco - Alcohol19,336,67019.3Gambling - Tobacco - Alcohol ($19.3M)
Pharma & Private Health Industry Pharma & Private Health Industry18,004,89018.0Pharma & Private Health Industry ($18.0M)
Manufacturing and Heavy Industry Manufacturing and Heavy Industry15,153,36115.2Manufacturing and Heavy Industry ($15.2M)
Media and Communications Media and Communications13,456,65013.5Media and Communications ($13.5M)
Services & Retail Sector Services & Retail Sector13,396,89513.4Services & Retail Sector ($13.4M)
Food and Agriculture Food and Agriculture9,371,1369.4Food and Agriculture ($9.4M)
Lobbying Firms Lobbying Firms7,170,2847.2Lobbying Firms ($7.2M)
Education Education1,953,9282.0Education ($2.0M)
Defence & Weapons Industry Defence & Weapons Industry1,803,8081.8Defence & Weapons Industry ($1.8M)
Uncategorised Company Uncategorised Company1,650,6071.7Uncategorised Company ($1.7M)

Over the decade it really adds up…

Explore the state of play:

Cash for access, delayed disclosure, and splitting donations… this is the dark underbelly of #AusPol

Dig deeper – search by company, party, amount and much more. Data sourced from Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

It’s time to bring integrity and transparency back into politics, and hold politicians and the major parties to account