Cleaning up Politics

Right now, our political system is stacked in favour of the two major parties and their big corporate donors who buy access and outcomes through political donations and powerful lobbying.

People have lost confidence in politicians. There’s too many dirty donations, dodgy deals, not enough transparency and a revolving door between politicians and big corporations. 

Big corporations and the vested interests donate to political parties for a reason. In return for their donations, property developers, big banks, gambling corporations and mining giants have received billions of dollars worth of favourable policy decisions from Liberal and Labor governments.

While the major parties continue to take money from big corporate interests, they will never be completely focused on what is good for our communities.

Unlike the major parties, the Greens don’t take donations from big corporations, so you can trust that we will put the people first. And we publish all donations over $1,500.

  • introducing truth in political advertising laws
  • reforming donation laws to ban dirty donations, cap all other donations to $1k, and require real time disclosure
  • capping electoral spending so elections can’t be bought by those with the deepest pockets
  • strengthening the Register of Interests so all potential conflicts are disclosed
  • strengthening the Lobbying Code and publish Ministers’ diaries so you know who’s meeting with who 
  • making FOI laws more effective
  • implementing an enforceable Code of Conduct for all politicians and senior staff (not just Ministers) so there are clear consequences for misconduct
  • Jam the revolving door between industry and politics and stop politicians from profiteering preventing Ministers and senior staff taking roles in industries they used to regulate within 5 years of leaving parliament
  • extending the Lobbying Code to all lobbyists