Fossil Fuel Giants

Over the last decade, Fossil Fuel giants donated over $13.7 million to the Labor and Liberal/National parties.

Fossil fuel power plant at sunset pumping out a huge plume of C02

Over the last decade the major parties took over $13.7 million from the coal, oil and gas industry

cat_idIndustry segmenthideLiberal/NationalLaborTotal
69Coal and Gas0687,384541,4581,228,842
70Gas and CSG0177,300223,940401,240
71Oil and Gas03,491,7263,376,9396,868,665
72Coal - Oil - Gas01,012,258562,4521,574,710
∑ = 7,739,816 ∑ = 5,997,492 ∑ = 13,737,308

Table: donations made from companies associated with fossil fuels made to the Labor and Liberal/National parties made 1/7/2012–30/6/2022.

The Top 6 donors:

Woodside Energy

Labor: $1,138,150

Liberal/National $1,206,970

Includes: Oil and Gas

Wesfarmers Limited

Labor: $645,500

Liberal/National $887,500

Includes: Coal

Santos Limited

Labor: $710,829

Liberal/National $777,054

Includes: Coal

Chevron Australia

Labor: $364,128

Liberal/National $384,542

Includes: Oil and Gas

Minerals Council of Australia

Labor: $339,200

Liberal/National $387,508

Includes: Coal, Oil & Gas

Origin Energy

Labor: $297,837

Liberal/National $309,704

Includes: Coal and Gas

It’s no surprise that the major parties don’t have a plan to transition away from polluting fossil fuel industries like coal.

All donations from fossil fuel companies FY2013-FY2022

CompanyFossil Fuel interestLNPLaborTotal
CompanyFossil Fuel interestLNPActive betweenLaborActive betweenTotal
Santos LimitedOil and Gas777,054FY2013–FY2022710,829FY2013–FY20221,487,883
Hancock Prospecting Pty LtdCoal204,050FY2013–FY20220-204,050
New Hope Corporation LtdCoal - Oil - Gas250,000FY2014–FY20140-250,000
Liberty Oil Pty LtdOil and Gas0-5,500FY2019–FY20195,500
Shell AustraliaOil and Gas0-17,000FY2015–FY201517,000
The Chamber of Minerals & Energy of WACoal - Oil - Gas91,000FY2019–FY2022139,334FY2017–FY2022230,334
EDL Group Operations Pty LtdCoal and Gas0-7,660FY2019–FY20197,660
Australian Fuel DistributorsOil and Gas50,000FY2013–FY201375,000FY2013–FY2013125,000
Australian Coal AssociationCoal0-11,000FY2014–FY201411,000
IOR Energy Pty LtdOil and Gas27,500FY2020–FY20200-27,500
∑ = 1,399,604 ∑ = 966,323 ∑ = 2,365,927
Avg = 233,267.33 Avg = 138,046.14 Avg = 236,592.70
Max = 777,054 Max = 710,829 Max = 1,487,883

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