Fossil Fuel Giants

Between 2012-2018, Fossil Fuel giants donated over $8.2 million to the Labor and Liberal/National parties.

Between 2012-2018 the major parties took over $8.2 million
from the coal, oil and gas industry:

Coal$936,803 $2,613,944 $3,550,747
Oil, Gas & CSG $2,006,591 $2,658,133 $4,664,724
Total of all Fossil Fuels$2,943,394 $5,272,077 $8,215,471

Table: donations made from companies associated with fossil fuels made to the Labor and Liberal/National parties made 1/7/2012–30/6/2018.

The Top 6 donors:

Woodside Energy

Labor: $771,000

Liberal/National $890,190

Includes: Oil and Gas

Santos Limited

Labor: $455,151

Liberal/National $592,754

Includes: Oil and Gas

Wesfarmers Limited

Labor: $198,000

Liberal/National $440,000

Includes: Coal

Chevron Australia

Labor: $277,058

Liberal/National $355,072

Includes: Oil and Gas

Origin Energy

Labor: $253,137

Liberal/National $302,424

Includes: Coal and Gas

Hancock Prospecting

Labor: $106,750

Liberal/National $335,150

Includes: Coal

Table: Top 6 highest-donating companies associated with fossil fuels. Donations made to the Labor and Liberal/National parties between 1/7/2012–30/6/2018.

It’s no surprise that the major parties don’t have a plan to transition away from polluting fossil fuel industries like coal.

All donations from fossil fuel companies 2012-2018:

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