Data status: 🟢 FY2022 loaded

Last updated: 20/02/2023

Up-to-date with latest dataset from AEC

FY2022 annual receipts data successfully uploaded and bulk-categorised


Data Health summary

  • 6538 new rows imported for FY2022 (2021-22)
  • 3388 of these were received by political parties
  • Of these, only 7 rows remain uncategorised


  • Of the 17,482 entities identified by D4S, only 4,630 remain ‘Unknown‘ – 73% have been categorised
  • The 4,630 ‘Unknown’ donors represent less than 1.87% of the total value of transactions in the Democracy for Sale database.
  • An additional 2.12% of the value of transactions are from entities we can categorise corporations, but there is scant other information to make a determination about their business. Until we know more, they remain tagged ‘Uncategorised Company

Figures reported for 20/02/2023. Our team of volunteers will continuing working to refine the data. Find out more about how the project handles data ›

August 2023 updates

  • We found a bunch of links broken by an automatic site update. They’ve all been ironed out.

February 2023 updates

  • The category system overhauled to allow better granularity of filtering. Find secondary and tertiary categories separated by a ‘>’ chevron in the ‘Subcategory’ column
  • AEC source links should now be working for all rows. Links prior to FY2020 were broken by a major redesign to the Transparency Register. Older links were re-interpreted to facilitate easier cross-checking.
  • Find out more about the 2023 update to D4S ›