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How to use this table, data source & default filters

This database contains all receipts reported to the Australian Electoral Commission’s Transparency Register between 1 July 1998 and 30 June 2021.

Using this table

  • Search for a specific donor using the search bar, and sort receipts by FY, value, recipient, type or category by turning on each filter.
  • Want to know more? Check the records for the donor on the AEC’s Transparency Register website by clicking the » beside each entry.
  • Export the data by selecting ‘all’ in the show entries drop-down, then selecting your preferred export format in the top right corner.

Default filters (you can alter these)

  • Limit to financial years since FY2012-13

Categories, donation types and party names 101

Categories are determined from publicly available information about a corporation or trust. As we categorise more groups we make tweaks to these categories. See all categories >

Party names are wildly inconsistent. We’re working to standardised them into Short Name – State e.g. Liberal – NSW, National – VIC, etc.

We’re also working to group parties into their federal structures, so for example you can select Party Group = Liberal/National to show all Coalition / Liberal and National parties combined.

Donations vs Other Receipts?
Not all transactions here are donations, some are considered ‘other receipts’ which may be like a donation, but sometimes not. Confusing, right? Get the low-down on how AEC disclosures work >

FY2020/21 donation data analysis is complete and live across the site

— Updated 11/11/2022

AEC data – up to 30 June 2021