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This database contains receipts reported to the Australian Electoral Commission’s Transparency Register between 1 July 1998 and 30 June 2022.

Latest bulk-import from AEC published on 16/02/2023

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Filter & search AEC data FY1999-FY2022

FYReceived FromValueParty (specific)Party GroupReceipt typeCategorySubcategoryAEC
1999250 Club Limited27,635Liberals (ACT)Liberal/NationalsDonationPolitical Fundraising BodiesAssociated Entities
19992KY Broadcasters Pty Ltd5,200Labor (NSW)LaborOther ReceiptMedia and Communications
1999321 Warrigal Road Pty Ltd2,750Liberals (VIC)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptBanking and Finance Industry
1999500 Club of New South Wales Inc100,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationPolitical Fundraising BodiesAssociated Entities
1999A and B Reisenger2,000One Nation (QLD)One NationDonationIndividual
1999A and C Management Services2,500Liberals (TAS)Liberal/NationalsDonationConsultancies and Law FirmsConsulting
1999A and R Perich2,000Labor (NSW)LaborOther ReceiptIndividual
1999A and T Harb3,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptIndividual
1999A Baynes3,000One Nation (QLD)One NationDonationIndividual
1999A Bibb1,694Nationals (QLD)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptIndividual
1999A Boyd2,649Nationals (QLD)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptIndividual
1999A C Media Pty Ltd13,700Labor (NSW)LaborDonationMedia and Communications
1999A Chapman60,387Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationIndividual
1999A G Hodgson2,750Liberals (VIC)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptIndividual
1999A H Black2,555One Nation (QLD)One NationDonationIndividual
1999A Hankin and Company Pty Ltd2,000Labor (NSW)LaborDonationServices & Retail SectorEntertainment
1999A Hankin and Company Pty Ltd5,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationServices & Retail SectorEntertainment
1999A J Cleaver2,500One Nation (QLD)One NationDonationIndividual
1999A J Lucas Contractors Pty Ltd5,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999A J Rogers5,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationIndividual
1999A J Tuohey Pty Ltd6,000Labor (QLD)LaborDonationConsultancies and Law FirmsConsulting
1999A J Tuohey Pty Ltd6,000Labor (VIC)LaborDonationConsultancies and Law FirmsConsulting
1999A Ohare3,800Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptIndividual
1999A Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd499Liberals (QLD)Liberal/NationalsDonationFood and Agriculture
1999A Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd499Liberals (QLD)Liberal/NationalsDonationFood and Agriculture
1999A Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd2,000Liberals (SA)Liberal/NationalsDonationFood and Agriculture
1999A Royare (Australia) Pty Ltd5,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptUnknown
1999A Simpson2,912Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationIndividual
1999A W Gregory2,500One Nation (QLD)One NationDonationIndividual
1999A W Tyree Transformers Pty Ltd1,500Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationManufacturing and Heavy Industry
1999A W Z International2,500Labor (NSW)LaborOther ReceiptBanking and Finance Industry
1999AAMI (Victoria)5,000Liberals (SA)Liberal/NationalsDonationBanking and Finance Industry
1999AAMI (Victoria)10,000Liberals (VIC)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptBanking and Finance Industry
1999AAPC Pty Ltd25,000Labor (NSW)LaborOther ReceiptDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999AAPC Pty Ltd4,000Labor (NSW)LaborDonationDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999AAPC Pty Ltd50,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999AAPT Limited5,000Liberal Party (Fed)Liberal/NationalsDonationMedia and Communications
1999AAPT Limited3,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationMedia and Communications
1999AAPT Limited2,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationMedia and Communications
1999AAPT Limited10,000Liberals (VIC)Liberal/NationalsDonationMedia and Communications
1999AAPT Limited6,000Liberals (VIC)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptMedia and Communications
1999Abalcloud Pty Ltd2,998Liberals (QLD)Liberal/NationalsDonationDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999ABB Daimler Benz Transport2,000Liberals (VIC)Liberal/NationalsOther ReceiptServices & Retail SectorTransportation
1999ABC Tissue Products Pty Ltd3,000Labor (NSW)LaborDonationManufacturing and Heavy Industry
1999ABC Tissue Products Pty Ltd3,000Unity: Say No To HansonDonationManufacturing and Heavy Industry
1999ABCE & BLF Union24,302Labor (QLD)LaborOther ReceiptUnion
1999Abigroup Ltd (NSW)20,000Labor (NSW)LaborDonationDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999Abigroup Ltd (NSW)6,000Labor (NSW)LaborOther ReceiptDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999Abigroup Ltd (NSW)1,500Labor (QLD)LaborOther ReceiptDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
1999Abigroup Ltd (NSW)13,000Liberals (NSW)Liberal/NationalsDonationDevelopers and Property IndustryDevelopers/Property
∑ = 480,330