Dark Money

⚠️ Data out of date

This page was first published in 2019 and is now out of date. Updates are planned.

Undisclosed Income (Dark Money)$21.4m
Other Receipts$13.2m
Disclosed Donations$4.3m
Undisclosed Income (Dark Money)$28.1m
Other Receipts$7.4m
Disclosed Donations$7.8m

Dark money is a term used to describe a category of donations that fall outside the AEC’s guidelines for public disclosure. It can be used by the major parties to hide dodgy dealings; however, it’s also where small, individual donors end up.

If you’ve donated a small amount to a party, say $50 to your local candidate, your donation would be considered ‘dark money’ by these definitions because disclosure is not required by the political parties.

As a grassroots people-powered movement, the Greens donations come from party members and people who can spare a few dollars to support our campaigns and initiatives.

It’s time to shine a light on dark money and shut down the donation loopholes removed in our political system.

In FY2022 only donations over $14,500 per year had to be reported to the AEC. That leaves a big gap.

For years the Greens have led the way on donation transparency, opting to publicly disclose all donations above $1,500 per year. The list is updated quarterly.

Our plans for donations reform will end the dark money loophole, by banning donations from dodgy industries looking to buy influence of politicians; limit donations from other sources and make sure donations are publicly disclosed.