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Understanding the data

New Detail in Categories

Revamped for 2023 with new depth in subcategories to help dig deeper into the data – e.g. find Pharmaceutical Companies as a subset of Pharma & Private Health Industry .

Categories are determined from publicly available information about a corporation or trust. As we categorise more groups we make tweaks to these categories. Category list >

Donor Recipients / Party Names / Groups

Party names are in the format Short Name - State e.g. Liberal - NSW, National - VIC, etc.

Parties have been grouped where possible into their federal structures, so select Party Group = Liberal/National to show all Coalition (Liberal and National) parties combined.

‘Donations’ vs ‘Other Receipts’

Not all transactions in this dataset are officially considered donations by the AEC – many are listed as ‘other receipts’. In many instances that can be like a donation, but sometimes not. Confusing, right? Get the full story and find out how AEC disclosures work >

Rows link back to source data

Every row links back to a record on the AEC Transparency Register to allow for easier cross-checking. A major AEC site redesign in 2020 broke a lot of our old links, but we’ve recently re-constructed them. Happy hunting.

[data_status] and how to get the best results with search & filters

This database contains receipts reported to the Australian Electoral Commission’s Transparency Register between 1 July 1998 and 30 June 2022.

Most recent bulk-import from AEC was published here on 15/02/2023

🔍 Search for a specific donor using the fields relating to each column. Click on row-headers to sort by FY, value, recipient, receipt type or category.

🔽 Filters are preset to make it quicker to find corporate funding – reset/edit at the top of each column or click ‘clear filters’. Default presets are:

  • Date ≥ FY2013 (data back to FY1999 is available)
  • Categories – set to hide payments from individuals, unions, money moving between parties and government funding

📊 Show/hide detailed categories using the Columns button

💾 After filtering, export data by selecting ‘all’ in the show entries drop-down, and select your preferred format in the top right corner. A full copy of the working dataset can be downloaded <ADDLINK>.


AEC data – up to 30 June 2022

FYFrom NameValueRecipient NamePartyReceipt typeCategoryCategory (detailed)AEC link
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