Donations impact political decision making, resulting in dodgy deals like this for corporate mates:

Fossil Fuel Giants

Since 2012, Fossil Fuel giants have donated over $8.2 million to the Labor and Liberal/National parties. Since 2012, the major parties have taken over $8.2 million from the coal, oil and gas industry: Labor Liberal/National Total Coal $936,803 $2,613,944 $3,550,747 […]

City Landscape

The Big Four Accounting Firms

The powerful ‘Big Four’ accounting firms are at the centre of the privatisation of our public service, receiving $1.9 billion in government contracts after handing $2.9 million in donations to the Liberal and Labor parties over the past five years. […]

Salary Packaging

Salary Sacrifice Industry

The Salary Sacrifice Industry went from never making a political donation, to making six-figure payments every year to the major parties in order to stop the revival of a short-lived policy that threatened their business model. In the lead up […]

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Cash for access, delayed disclosure, and splitting donations… this is the dark underbelly of #AusPol

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