Dark Money

Undisclosed Income (Dark Money)$21.4m
Other Receipts$13.2m
Disclosed Donations$4.3m

Undisclosed Income (Dark Money)$28.1m
Other Receipts$7.4m
Disclosed Donations$7.8m

Dark money is a term used to describe a category of donations that fall outside the AEC’s guidelines for public disclosure. It can be used by the majors to hide dodgy dealings; however, it’s also where small, individual donors end up.

If you’ve donated a small amount to a party, say $50 to your local candidate, your donation would be considered ‘dark money’. Of course, many of the Greens’ supporters make smaller-value donations, as part of our grassroots, people-powered way of fundraising.

The Greens want dark money and donation loopholes removed from our political system.

As a grassroots party, our donations come from party members and people who support our campaigns and initiatives.

We publicly disclose cumulative donations of over $1500 per year on our website and update it every quarter – well below the AEC threshold of $13,800 for a single donation.

Our plans for donations reform will end the dark money loophole, by banning donations from dodgy industries looking to buy influence of politicians; limit donations from other sources and make sure donations are publicly disclosed.