D4S AEC Data Changelog

Version FY2018.1 – Released 13 February 2019

  • FY2018 (2017-2018) data from the AEC uploaded
  • Changes vs. FY2017 dataset:
    • New Party Group field groups state and federal affiliated parties. N.B. as the Liberal and National parties operate in coalition, they have been grouped together.
    • A New Category classification (cat_ID_new) for donors:
      • Created to make it simpler to understand the impact of donations on the political system.
      • New Categories have been applied to all records from FY07 onwards. These aren’t perfect yet and will likely see some changes in the months ahead.
      • This data powers many of the charts that have appeared across the site
      • The new categories will be maintained in parallel to existing categories.
    • The existing donor categories (cat_ID) which Democracy for Sale has used in recent iterations has been retained for all existing and new (FY18) records.
    • Addition of a new d4s_id code to track each line from extraction from the AEC through to inclusion on the website.
  • ‘Non Categorised’ lines
    • 1063 donors that were previously uncategorised in the FY2007-FY2017 datasets have now been categorised (thanks to hard work of some staff and volunteers!)
    • 487 donors still require categorisation
    • If you’re interested in helping categorise the data, please email senator.waters@aph.gov.au
  • CSV download: democracyforsale_20190212.csv.zip (1MB)

Version FY2017.3 – Released 16 April 2018

Version FY2017.2 – Released 2 February 2018

  • FY2017 (2016-2017) data from the AEC uploaded
  • No further details known