The Industries

Millions of dollars have flowed from industries to Labor and the Liberal/National Parties since 2012

Some of our most powerful businesses, like coal seam gas giant, Santos and Crown Casino to Westpac and Woodside and most influential industries, like property development, professional lobbyists and coal and gas companies.

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 Banking and Finance Industry

Labor: $20,547,769 since 2012

Liberal/National $33,803,653 since 2012

Includes: Commercial banks, merchant banks, insurance companies, companies which mainly invest in equities. Please note, this category also includes interest earned from investments and term deposits of political parties.

 Developers and Property Industry

Labor: $5,484,132 since 2012

Liberal/National $15,589,093 since 2012

Includes: Property developers, construction companies, engineering companies and engineering consultants, real estate agents, property consultants, architects, listed property trusts

 Energy and Resource Companies

Labor: $3,819,811 since 2012

Liberal/National $9,201,693 since 2012

Includes: Businesses involved in the exploration and extraction of minerals or other resources and, businesses involved in activities such as purchasing oil/gas/or other energy, distribution of energy, and marketing of energy products. Includes all fossil fuel companies.

 Media and Communications

Labor: $6,436,417 since 2012

Liberal/National $3,649,757 since 2012

Includes: Newspapers, radio, television, telecommunications, publishers, advertising agencies, market research and polling companies, public relations and communications consultants, cinemas, amusement park owners and suppliers, tourism operators.

 Private Health Industry

Labor: $4,008,230 since 2012

Liberal/National $6,363,000 since 2012

Includes: Private health companies, companies which own and operate private retirement villages, pharmaceutical manufacturers, dental clinics, suppliers of medical diagnostic equipment and veterinary medical operations.

 Hotels, Clubs and Alcohol

Labor: $3,377,215 since 2012

Liberal/National $5,237,309 since 2012

Includes: Breweries, distilleries, wineries and other businesses involved with the manufacturing, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages, including registered clubs, hotel chains and associated organisations.

 Government Contractors

Labor: $3,651,592 since 2012

Liberal/National $6,880,807 since 2012

Includes: Companies and organisations that are recipients of government contracts and/or funding including accounting, financial, tax and auditing services, private schools, private colleges and, for profit private education institutions, manufacturers and suppliers of military equipment and materials, and companies involved in the disposal and treatment of waste; treatment of water and wastewater.

 Food and Agriculture

Labor: $1,782,137 since 2012

Liberal/National $6,144,699 since 2012

Includes: Agricultural and food processing companies

 Retail and Services Sector

Labor: $1,705,594 since 2012

Liberal/National $3,656,528 since 2012

Includes: Companies that sell products or services directly to the public including restaurants and supermarkets; computer hardware and software companies and IT service providers; faith based organisations and non government organisations that provide welfare other services; sporting clubs and peak sporting organisations.

 Consultancies and Law Firms

Labor: $3,448,559 since 2012

Liberal/National $1,025,937 since 2012

Includes: Business and management consulting companies and Law firms

 Manufacturing and Heavy Industry

Labor: $491,512 since 2012

Liberal/National $3,646,207 since 2012

Includes: All manufacturers of finished products not mentioned in other specific categories, heavy industrial firms.

 Lobbying Firms

Labor: $1,242,260 since 2012

Liberal/National $1,814,134 since 2012

Includes: Professional political lobbyists, business organisations which lobby on behalf of the business members and professional organisations which have as one of their roles working with governments to secure benefits for their members.

 Gambling Industry

Labor: $1,451,402 since 2012

Liberal/National $1,842,961 since 2012

Includes: Manufacturers of gaming machines; casinos, betting firms, race horse breeders.

 Tobacco and Firearms

Labor: $0 since 2012

Liberal/National $334,174 since 2012

Includes: Business that import and sell firearms, firearms interest groups and shooting associations and, businesses that produce tobacco products.