Our Position

For specific legislation and the Greens’ positions on donations at the local, state and federal level, please see the Law Reform page.

The Greens believe that corporate political donations erode the Australian democratic process.

Parties use political donations to help fund their election campaigns and day-to-day activities. In return, corporate donors get access to politicians. They sit with them at fundraising dinners and meet with them at Parliament House. This can distort the democratic process because it gives those with money the opportunity to buy influence that the average person cannot afford.

Politicians from the major parties are constantly making decisions on issues affecting the profits of organisations that have made massive donations to their campaigns or their party. The big donors include:

  • property developers – Australia has weak planning laws that put developer greed ahead of community needs;
  • clubs and hotels – gaming machines continue to wreck lives; and
  • banks and finance corporations – the federal government continues to hand out lucrative public-private partnerships and corporate subsidies

The Greens are campaigning to ban corporate donations and improve public disclosure and accountability.

We support:

  • A ban on donations from for-profit organisations and a tight cap on all other donations;
  • Adequate, fair and transparent public funding of all elections;
  • Caps on electoral expenditure by candidates, parties, third parties and associated entities;
  • Real-time and transparent disclosure of all donations on a public website maintained by electoral commissions.

Our policies on democracy cover the Greens’ formal positions on political donations, electoral funding and expenditure:

Australian Greens policy


Donations to the Greens

As a grassroots party, our donations come from party members and people who support our campaigns and initiatives. We publicly disclose who donates to our election campaigns so that the public knows who our donors are before they vote.

The Australian Greens disclose donors on a quarterly basis and the list can be viewed here.